Camera Info

Landscape Photo Gear - 2017 by Jake Horn



  • Voigtlander Bessa IIIW - Fast and Light. The Perfect size to weight ratio for backpacking and adventure photography. [My Review]
  • Pentax 645Nii - My go to camera. The convenience of an advance SLR in medium format. [My Review]
  • Fotoman 69HPS - Same weight as the Pentax 645 but captures 6x9cm images. Demands ground glass focusing and manual metering. [My Review]
  • Nikon F6 - It's hard not to love the F6. Quickly became my 35mm camera of choice.


Mindshift Gear Filter Nest on the RRS TVC-33 for Easy Access

Mindshift Gear Filter Nest on the RRS TVC-33 for Easy Access


  • Nikkor 24mm f1.8 AF-G - If you're shooting during the day, or with a tripod, you don't need the 1.4 model. More weight and size for nothing. This is an outstanding focal length utilized by the masters. [My Review]
  • Nikkor 85mm f1.8 AF-D - I went with the D version so I could use it on my manual & autofocus cameras. This lens continues to surprise me. Haven't tried the newer G-model, but this would be in my top 5 Nikon lens line-up (for pros and amateurs)
  • Pentax 645 35mm f3.5 A - Great wide angle for the 645 that won't break the bank. Still getting familiar with this one, but I have been loving the images coming from it. [My Review]
  • Pentax 645 150mm f3.5 A - Pairs well with the 35/3.5 since they are basically the same size and shape. Replicates the angle of view that I love in the Nikon 85mm. This focal length is great in the mountains. [My Review} {See My Post on Lens Length Conversions]
  • Schneider Super Angulon 90mm f8 - Mounted on a Fotoman lens cone. The 90 is equivalent to a 40mm on a full frame camera. This is surprisingly a great all around landscape lens. I would prefer the Schneider 150mm for landscapes, but the cone is large, and my helical needs some maintenance.


Pentax 645  with...Lee Holder System, #25 Red, & 105mm Polarizer

Pentax 645 with...Lee Holder System, #25 Red, & 105mm Polarizer


  • 4x4 4-Stop ND - Need to find a new ND filter to replace this since it leaves a purplish hue on photos. Not an issue on blank & white, but a huge deal on slide film. 
  • Formatt Hitech 4x4 #25 Red - A must for shooting dramatic vistas on black & white.
  • Singh-Ray 105mm Thin Polarizer - High quality filter that accommodates every size lens, but the thin mount is a bit too thin. There are not many threads to secure to the holder and has a tendency to get jammed on the ring. I would go with the standard thickness model in the future.
  • Singh-Ray 100x150mm 0.6 HE Graduated ND
  • Singh-Ray 100x150mm 0.6 SE Graduated ND


The  Fotoman 69  on the Gitzo GT1542T (Body+Lens=1.5kg)

The Fotoman 69 on the Gitzo GT1542T (Body+Lens=1.5kg)


  • Really Right Stuff TVC-33 Tripod & BH-55 Head - Heavy duty combo that will handle everything up to my 4x5 camera. Doesn't see many back country excursions. TVC-33 usually has the rock claw feet attached for better grip.
  • Gitzo GT1542T Tripod & RRS BH-30 Head - My go to backpacking set up. As long as you don't extend the legs, this will work with heavy cameras and long exposures fine.